Having provided translation services in the Aviation, Law and Finance markets for more than 25 years now, we are highly renowned in these areas of expertise.

Thanks to our vast and specialized professional network, Excelsus Translation & Training Center can handle almost any translation request from our clients, always adhering to our philosophy and maximizing results.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want a top-notch product with the highest quality. Your needs are our priority.


Click the area of interest to view only some of the usual documents that are translated at Excelsus Translation & Training Center.

  • Aviation and Aircraft Leasing
  • Dry-Lease / Wet-Lease / True-Lease Transactions
  • Contracts (all kinds), amendments, novation agreements, assignments, termination agreements, extensions, renewals, etc.
  • Litigation, judgments, decrees, judicial reports and court papers (criminal, civil & administrative)
  • Tax and Labor
  • Regulatory issues (registration, customs papers, administrative stages, etc.)
  • POAs
  • Real estate transactions
  • Anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism
  • Legislation (domestic, international, US, Mercosur, EU, FAA, ANAC, EANA, etc.)
  • Arbitration & mediation
  • Extradition
  • Law reports
  • Insurance & reinsurance
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Banks, loans and repayment plans
  • Accountancy
  • Financial reports
  • Financial transactions
  • Corporate papers
  • M & A
  • By-laws
  • Corporate presentations & internal communications
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy
  • Corporate image
  • Business plans
  • Stockholders, shareholders & continuity agreements
  • Mortgages, pledges & chattel mortgages
  • Corporate resolutions
  • Financial trusts
  • Technical manuals
  • Books
  • Aviation technical material
  • Marketing & e-business
  • Education
  • Pilot’s regulatory documents
  • Film industry (contracts & scripts)
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical material
  • Logbooks, AD, EO & shop’s tasks
  • Information technology and custom software
  • Oil & gas
  • Mining
  • Transport and international transactions
  • Informed consents
  • Automobile and tires